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Курс по Английски език - ниво PRE-INTERMEDIATE

Курс по Английски език - ниво PRE-INTERMEDIATE

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* При индивидуалната форма на обучение учебните часове са 45 минути.

Учебно съдържание:

1)    UNIT 1- Greetings and acquaintances
1.1-Grammar     - Tenses- Present, Past, Future; Questions
1.2-Vocabulary –Parts of speech- adjectives, prepositions; Words with more than one meaning; Phonetic symbols; Stress and intonation in sentences
1.3- Exercises:
            a) Reading-
    b) Speaking- Talking about your friends; Describing people
    c) Listening

2)    UNIT 2- The way we live
2.1- Grammar- Present tenses- Present Simple, Present Continuous, have got/has got;
2.2-Vocabulary - Collocations; Daily life; Making conversations; Asking questions; Linking words; Emails
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- Talking about your home; Discussions
    c) Listening

3)     UNIT 3- What happened next?
3.1-Grammar     -Past tenses-Past Simple; Past Continuous
 3.2-Vocabulary –past forms; making connections; adverbs; time expressions
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- Telling stories
    c) Listening

4)    UNIT 4- The market
4.1-Grammar    - Quantity- much/many, some/any, a few/a little/few/little/ lots of/a lot of , something/someone/somewhere; Articles
4.2-Vocabulary – Food; Bathroom objects; Shopping; Sounding polite; Prices; Postcards; E-mails
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- Conversations in different places;
    c) Listening

5)    UNIT 5- The Future
5.1-Grammar- Ways of expressing the future-will, going to, present continuous; Filling in a form
 5.2-Vocabulary   -ed/-ing adjectives
5.3 Exercises:
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- Talking about problems and advice; Talking about films, books, TV shows, etc.
    c) Listening

6)    UNIT 6- Places and objects
6.1-Grammar- Comparative and superlative form of the adjectives; Relative pronouns
6.2-Vocabulary- Talking about places; Synonyms and antonyms
6.3 Exercises:
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- Comparing things; Talking about favourite things; Describing places
    c) Listening

7)    UNIT 7- The best stories
7.1-Grammar- Present Perfect and Past Simple; for/since; Tense revision; Writing a biography, CV
 7.2-Vocabulary- Professions; Word endings; Making conversations
7.3- Exercises:
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- Interviewing
    c) Listening

8)    UNIT 8- Do - Don’t do
8.1-Grammar- have to; should; must; Letters and e-mails- formal and informal
8.2-Vocabulary- Words that go together; Compound nouns; Word stress; At the doctor
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- Giving advice; Rules
    c) Listening

9)    UNIT 9- Visiting new places
9.1-Grammar- Time clauses; First conditional
9.2 Vocabulary- Collocation with make, do, take, get….; Directions
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- How about visiting a new place; Discussing for and against/ advantages and disadvantages
    c) Listening

10)    UNIT 10- How is it made?
10.1-Grammar- Active and Passive Voice; Writing  reviews of books and films
10.2-Vocabulary- Collocations; Telephone conversations
 10.3 Exercises:
a) Reading
b) Speaking- Complaints; Inventions; Telephone conversations
    c) Listening

11)    UNIT 11- If I were…
11.1-Grammar- Second conditional; Possibility-might
11.2-Vocabulary-Phrasal verbs; So and Such; Disasters
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- Giving advice; Choosing between two things; Future dreams
    c) Listening

12)     UNIT 12- I have been living…
12.1-Grammar- Present Perfect Continuous; Present Perfect Simple vs. Present Perfect Continuous
12.2-Vocabulary- Verbs; Polite greetings; Linking ideas
a) Reading
    b) Speaking- Exchanging information
    c) Listening

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Курс по Английски език - ниво PRE-INTERMEDIATE